Safety Equipment Repairs and Service

BWS has a complete repair facility for the instruments and self-contained breathing apparatus which we distribute

Safety Equipment Repairs and Service

BWS maintains an on site repair facility for many of the safety equipment items we sell. If your gas detection equipment needs servicing or repair, please fill out the form below and let us know the details of what you will be sending in.

Please Note:
– Items must be cleaned, sanitized, or decontaminated as necessary to minimize possible exposure to health hazards of handling such material for employees.
– There is a $95 estimate charge per instrument. Estimate fee is waived if instrument is repaired. Shipping Charges are additional and are generally pre-paid and added to the invoice.
– Do not return compressed gas cylinders with repair.

Safety Equipment Repairs Form

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RKI - GX-6000


BWS Distributors has a long history of support with many municipalities. We are proud to meet all kinds of safety needs for city and county employees on the job.


OSHA compliance means keeping up with the latest in industrial safety for your team. We have the products, and more importantly, the experience, to guide you in getting the right item for the need.


We have a wide variety of products to serve the agricultural industry. From Muck boots, to spray suits, to hand and eye protection - if you need it, we carry it. 


The safety supply needs of the construction industry have unique requirements that change frequently. To stay compliant, talk with one of our in house experts and let us show you the right items you need now.